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Advice Group is a professional full-service consulting firm located in Lviv, western part of Ukraine. Our company provides services mainly to foreign investors as well as to the biggest Ukrainian enterprises in the region. From the very start of Advice Group’s existence it has united the best professionals in legal, financial, management, real estate, recruitment and other fields, which resulted in fast business growth and a high number of successfully accomplished projects. As of today Advice Group has become one of leaders on the local business advisory services market with a clear goal to become the best service company in the region within the nearest future.

Advice Group is also a socially responsible firm and is very active in pro bono, legislative, community, civic, ecology, sponsorship and other work directed towards the development of local society and Ukraine in general.

Our Team

Managing partner, Attorney at Law
Partner, Attorney at Law
Tax Adviser, Accountant
Lawyer, Project Manager
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Our Services

Advice Group professionally renders a high number of business advisory services in order to meet the highest client expectations. We are a one stop shop for our clients, understanding that cooperating with many consultants may be ineffective and time consuming. We are proud to say that for many of our clients we are a responsible problem solver, which is always there when required.
For detailed information within each practice area please see the respective division of our website. In short the main service directions are legal, financial, accounting, tax, audit, project management, real estate, start-up, recruitment, marketing, customs and translation services. Should you require specific advice on any subject matter regarding Ukraine please feel free contacting us.

Our Experience

Being solely focused on Western Ukraine Advice Group is a concentrated think tank that tailors solutions for investors from all over the world. Having assisted in more than 400 different projects our team has been able to create a strong internal knowledge base, which only improves the speed and quality of provision of services.
On a specific request we will provide you with our company presentations, outlining our experience in different practice areas and industries, lists of accomplished projects as well client references. We also invite you to subscribe to our regular newsletter, which will keep you updated on the main economic and legal developments in Ukraine.



Our Clients

With regard to the particular industries our clients mainly belong to the following industries: wood and metal processing, IT, automotive, textiles, furniture, food and beverages, agriculture, insurance, banking and finance, manufacturing, retail and leisure, real estate construction/operation and others. Geographically our clients mainly come from: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Great Britain, USA and others.

Being well known locally we have been able to assist also a high number of international and domestic law firms, whose clients have considered investing into Western Ukraine and required local advice. We also provide our services to international press, foreign governmental institutions and international organizations.

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Maryana Lutsyshyn, EBA

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