Accountant is not a customs broker - and should not be

On Friday, January 27th, within a joint session of EBA Lviv Office Accounting, Tax and Customs committees, Chairman of the Customs Committee meeting, Advice Group Partner Oleg Kyryievskyi and Advice Group Associate in Tax Law practice Ivan Durkach discussedchanges relevant TAX legislation amendments concerning the classification of goods and services as obligatory requisite of VAT Invoices.

During the meeting, Oleg Kyryievskyi revealed the problems determining the code classification of goods which wereimported and producedin Ukraine. In addition, our colleagues sharedtheir practical hints concerning determining the classification of the product code in complex cases. Through the process of discussion, the meeting participants got acquainted with the diligent taxpayers risks which arised.

Finally, due to the necessity of classification Advice Group lawyersinformed the participants about European Court of Human Rights in tax disputes and stressed on the principle of individual responsibility of taxpayers.