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Simplicity and transparency of business relations are the essential ingredients of successful cooperation and productivity that leads to high yields and earnings. We fit tailor-made accurate legal instruments to manage your business with optimized risks. On-time and to the point is what we deliver.


Is not about just being your lawyers we rather offer being your business advisors, whether it is about finding a location for new production premises, deployment of new office space, or identifying and checking the background of your business partner.

Interim Management

Times share executives, crisis management, business transformation. Outsource experience relied on multidisciplinary professionals on demand. Fast solutions to critical cases.​

Compliance services

With regulatory requirements toughening worldwide, your company still needs to comply with the internal rules and requirements even by less regulatory attention. Managing legal and reputational risks is a good reason for having a robust compliance program.

Corporate Fraud Prevention

Because of management attention on other areas in the company than fraud, wrongdoings remain hidden and losses undetected. Preventing corporate fraud needs resources but surely is less expensive than dealing with consequences. ​

Internal investigation

Our certified professionals consider both internal and external risks and threats, identify sources of wrongdoing, its impact regarding financial losses and management responsibility as well.​

Dispute Resolution

We litigate in courts, national and international arbitration institutions. When representing our clients, we assume that each matter requires a unique and diligent approach as well as insightful knowledge. We guarantee our clients the legitimacy, transparency, and efficiency in resolving disputes.

Internal Audit

Internal audit is not only about the balance between control and trust. It is as well your assurance that the company reaches its goals within the framework of legal and internal rules and values.

Risk Assessment

Compliance risks combine the risks of legislation infringement, financial losses, and loss of reputation resulting from violations of laws, regulations, policies & standards.  You need to mitigate risks regardles of legislative requirements, and the risk assesment is the right start point.

Tax compliance

The likelihood of tax risks, in form of penalties and fines, is high in each and every country. By doing the international business in a fully compliant manner, you may bear the hidden risks with tax regulations. Using our support in tax compliance you receive a third-party opinion from our tax expert for creating its own judgment and tacking the optimal decision. 

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